What is your drink?

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Here at Happy Hour Mix, we want to discover what are your favorite drinks and what are the different ways we all can enjoy them.

We want to experience the taste straight as it was created and then we want to experience the many recipes that are out there. There will be creations with existing recipes and we are going to gather them from every corner of the globe.

Don't forget, we want to also discover new creativity, bring new and exotic taste to our taste-buds. So, be prepared to tell us your special way you do your thing.

How do you drink?

Shaken vs. stirred, wet vs. dry, on the rocks. If you walk into any bar or restaurant, you'll most likely hear any number of drink requests such as these. Therefore, being the person behind the bar requires more than simply knowing the ingredients. This person is most often a mixologist, someone who's skilled at preparing, mixing and serving alcoholic drinks. Becoming a successful mixologist goes beyond making tasty drinks. So, how do you take your drink?

What is your taste?

Take It Straight...

Do you enjoy the original taste of your drink? Do you just add an ice cube or two and the rest is just you? What ways do you appreciate your taste? Here at Happy Hour Mix we are going to understand how you like your drinks.

Add Some Fruit

Bet you can enjoy your drink with a little sweetness to it, huh? Maybe a fresh piece of fruit or a flavored addition that takes you some place exotic is what your drink needs? Here at Happy Hour Mix we are going to understand how you like your drinks.

Happy New Year!
Let's discuss some alcohol. What is your favorite drink?